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cr3 pro Xecuter

cr3 pro Xecuter
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Xecuter CR3 Pro v1.0S



Le CR3 Pro intègre un nouveau design avec un tout nouveau code RGH.


Nouvelle génération d'outil RGH, le CR3 PRO optient les meilleurs performances rgh sur le marché des différentes puces glitch.


Full POST Slim version supports Trinity, Corona v1 and Corona v2

Full POST monitoring and tuning via the New CR3 Pro RATER Feature – fine tune your boot times to PERFECTO! (Requires JR Programmer v2)

Multiple pulse settings via DIP Switches

Multiple Ceramic Cap options (7pc kit included 10pf, 22pf, 30pf, 47pf, 68pf, 82pf and 100pf)

New Built In ROL Option (Show Debug LED On Front Panel Ring Of Light)

Built-in Ribbon Cable Connector For DemoN (Includes CR_EN and XSVF Programming – no soldering or wires)

Quality Assured – No Cheap Chinese Knocks-Offs

Optimized timing for each motherboard version

Easy programming via JTAG

Power LED

Reset Cycle Debug LED

Easy Install (Includes All Wires)

Works perfectly with J-R Programmer v2 & DemoN

New v3 QSB Add-Ons Available (Included with the Ultimate Kit)

JR Programmer v2 is required for CR3 Pro RATER & programming functions (Included with the Ultimate Kit)

Trusted Team Xecuter Design & Warranty




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